The Universe Wants to Guide Us; We Just Have to Listen

Over the past couple weeks I've been going through one of those phases where I just don't feel inspired to post on social media or write. These happen every once in awhile, and I know I'm not the only one who experiences these phases as I see other people post on social media about their feelings of burnout pretty regularly. 

Normally, when I feel burnout like this my reaction is to fight back with it. "Keep on schedule." "Keep posting every day. You can find something interesting to share." "You have to keep this up if you want followers." It's a never ending battle, one that's pretty exhausting and feels really disconnected. 

But, something changed during this most recent episode of stepping back. Instead of fighting with the lack of desire to share, I started asking myself why I wanted to share in the first place. What was my initial goal anyways, and did that goal need to be met with a constant flood of content?

Really, I think this had been building for some time now. For months, I've been feeling more and more disconnected from the content I'm creating, and my accounts have began to slowly shift from a purpose driven platform to ones that centered around followers, likes, and comments. The strange thing about it too was that the more I pushed myself to keep a regular schedule, the less content I felt about the amount of engagement each post created. My numbers were certainly going up, but I was growing less and less excited about each like and was only waiting for each post to hit a certain number and thinking about what my next move should be to keep the followers coming.

Luckily, during this time, the universe decided to step in and provide some guidance. Surprisingly, I listened.

At the same time I was feeling this struggle brewing, I had people here and there start talking to me more about my yoga teaching back in the United States. That led to them asking me questions about how to start a yoga practice, how to do certain poses, what resources were out there. Then, they started asking me about putting more content out about teaching. They wanted to see what kind of teacher I was, how I did my own self practice at home.

Then, in comes YouTube. I had just started a channel with the intention of creating content around travel and my experiences with living abroad. Travel videos are basically viewing gold, after all. But, I started to question this too and thought maybe I should start teaching on YouTube. 

Oh, believe me, I fought this idea for awhile through telling myself I hadn't taught for months, I didn't have the right equipment to record yoga sequences, who I am to teach (mind you, I've completed a yoga teacher training). Until I stopped myself one day and realized the universe was trying to tell me something and I had the ability to follow it or deny it and continue this pattern of disconnection.

Thankfully, I decided to listen and follow through. One of my initial reasons for sharing my yoga practice and history with mental illness on social media was to help others realize that they can improve their situation, regardless of what has or is happening. I wanted to show others how they too can feel strong and powerful.

Teaching has been a passion of mine for some time now. I consider both of my careers to be forms of teaching - one is teaching yoga and the second, being a social worker, is teaching others how to overcome suffering and grow into their true self. Teaching others was another cornerstone of my purpose in sharing online.

So, with this period of my own growth and reminding myself why I want to connect with others, I have started a series on YouTube where I get to teach and share my practice with all of you. Titled, Wellness with Kelly, I feel like I'm coming back to my true goals and back to helping others through my teaching. My goal is to make content about things that have actually helped me or techniques that I know have helped others.

If you've been looking for ways to feel more connected to yourself, easy practices to either get started on your yoga path or to incorporate into your already developed one, to connect online with a teacher who is also just trying to figure out this life and her place in it, I would love to see you over there. 

Below, I've placed the most recent video in the series, a yoga tip. There is another video about a breathing technique and an introduction where I explain what you can expect from the series. So, if you find the one below helpful, you might also like the other two.

I'm excited to share this with everyone and become more aligned with who I really am through sharing with you all, and I hope you'll be able to become more aligned through this, as well.

Peace, love, namaste