Kelly believes that mental health and yoga go hand in hand. Her aim is to provide a safe haven for students to breakdown barriers, foster exploration, and find acceptance.


Her Background:

Kelly believes that yoga provides the opportunity to become more embodied and empowered. Yoga is a tool that assists us in finding our inner wisdom and provides a path to acceptance of ourselves and others. As a dual yoga instructor and social worker, Kelly incorporates her knowledge of mental health into her yoga teaching. Her work focuses on trauma, anxiety, and substance abuse. She has provided trauma-focused yoga for women in early recovery from substance use disorders and has appeared for classes at Berklee College of Music and Lululemon. Her classes provide a safe space to explore new movement, build inner strength, and reconnect with our bodies.

Having found that yoga transformed her mind and body, Kelly decided to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in order to share the power of yoga with others. Under the instruction of David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund, she completed her training in December 2016 at South Boston Yoga. She received her Masters in Social Work from Boston College in May 2016 and is a Licensed Masters Social Worker who specializes in trauma, anxiety, substance use disorders, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Kelly is currently based in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Her story:

After ending an abusive relationship and falling into addiction, Kelly found herself completely disconnected from her body. The result was a never ending slew of negative thoughts, a lack of trust in herself and others, and frequent episodes of dissociation. Moving through life on high alert, she had lost a sense of confidence in her ability to make decisions and questioned the intentions of those around her. As a survivor, she found herself reenacting previous patterns and continuing the cycle of trauma. 

In 2009, Kelly attended a free yoga class put on by her housing community and loved the feeling of strength it left her with. Although yoga came in and out of her life for the first few years, she came back to classes when life became difficult. Then in 2014, in a public class, Kelly had the experience of truly being connected to her body, feeling her feet firmly on the mat, for the first time since the trauma. From that moment on, a committed practice allowed her to process those painful memories and transformed her body and mind. Kelly was able to reconnect with her body, reverse negative thoughts, and find acceptance in herself and her past. 

Having experienced this profound shift in herself, Kelly decided she wanted to share the power of yoga with others. Completing her teacher training in 2016, she teaches trauma-focused classes in the community and for those seeking relief from mental illness. She hopes to provide a space for others to explore their inner wisdom and experience their own transformation. 

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