Bringing the mind and body back together
through the power of yoga.

Our busy society often leaves us feeling exhausted and disconnected from ourselves and others. Difficult experiences and intense emotions further creates this separation and can leave us with a sense of not knowing ourselves or feeling safe in the world. Many find themselves either stuck in the past or caught up in worrying about the future, losing sight of the present moment, the here and now.

Through bringing awareness to our breath, movement, and thought patterns, we can regain a sense of feeling at home in our bodies and control over thoughts and emotions. We can regain a sense of groundedness and an ability to focus on what is happening in the present moment. By listening to our body's inner wisdom and learning to witness from our true selves, healing can take place. Healing through yoga can provide new insights, clarity, and inner strength.



Learn about Kelly's philosophy on integrating the mind and body and how yoga has been healing for her.

Working together

Kelly has worked with trauma survivors and those suffering from anxiety and substance use disorders. She currently has availabilities for private sessions and classes for organizations and studios.